How Does Aging Impact Our General Health?

Aging changes a lot of things. Everyone is different, but some changes are pretty much unavoidable, as you surely know already! For example, as we age, we stop producing the same quantities of hormones, such as Human Growth Hormone. Our levels of Human Growth Hormone peak around puberty. At a certain point, they start to plummet and that’s often when we start to feel older.

For example, our hair may not be as thick, it may go grey, we may see fine lines and wrinkles and we may find that it’s harder to stay slim. Also, we may not have the energy and libido that we had when we were younger.

Life changes and that’s just the way it is. Some people age better than others, not just due to healthy lifestyle choices, but also due to genetics. It’s important to understand the aging process in order to come to terms with it. While no one lives forever, there are some healthy habits that we can adopt in order to boost our chances of feeling younger for longer.

Avoid Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol

Smoking is bad for our skin and everything else. It has no cosmetic or health benefits and wreaks havoc. If you’re lighting up, you’re not going to look as young as you could and you’re going to set the stage for health problems. You’re shortening your life, so finding ways to break this bad habit will be a great way to feel younger and healthier.,,,

Also, drugs are very hard on the body. Even occasional recreational drug users put themselves at risk of overdoses. While marijuana may be relatively safe, as long as you have a prescription and don’t overuse it, other drugs are pretty dangerous. Even prescription medication, such as painkillers, may be risky to take. Lastly, booze is rough on the liver. It makes the liver work much harder than it should. It’s also a depressant, and life is hard enough without drinking something that makes it seem worse.

If you have these bad habits, breaking them and adopting a cleaner lifestyle will be smart. It’s all about getting rid of what ages you and puts you at risk and then enjoying pure, healthy food, exercise, pure water and organic, natural supplements (consider HGH releasers).

Also, your doctor should be there to help. You may need medications in order to feel your very best. So, be sure to see your family physician regularly.